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Mike & Connies Sexy Gifts

Shandafay not only made this site for all the guys but she also made it for the couples to enjoy too that want to try a new experience that is not intimidating but inviting! Shandafay always makes the wives feel welcome! There are some couples that have joined through the years but this one couple in particular have been just amazing to Shandafay! They bought her some special gifts for her birthday and it was time to do something kinky for them. Shandafay shows off her gifts, a sexy shiny black tight two piece outfit. But then she pulls out the best gift ever a brand new LeLo vibrator which is now her pussys most favorite toy! Watch Shandafay fuck her tight pussy and cum all over her new toy.... Shanda says, “I have the best Members & friends in the VNA and thank you so much Mike & Connie for the special gifts I will cherish them and so will my pussy!

August 19th 2012
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